Why Didn't I Push?

When I first started in the financial world as an insurance salesperson, I can recall being encouraged to speak with everyone about life insurance – from family members to complete strangers. In fact, I remember my first manager relating a story of how he picked up a client after he had an accident with them that was his fault.

I have never practiced in that manner, preferring to let people know what I am all about if asked and then leaving it up to them to contact me when they are ready. Almost all of my clients have started working with me in this fashion or they have been referred to me and so have contacted me.

Unfortunately this leads to situations where I feel absolutely beside myself for not having pushed myself upon someone. I know that I would likely push away more people if I was indeed pushy, but it still hurts. Trying to understand why someone would not see the importance of protecting themselves and their loved ones if they are able to has always boggled my mind and always will.

Earlier this week, I learned of someone who I came to know through my relationship with the service department at the car dealership I deal with. This person was a great man. He went out of his way to make sure that your time at his place of business was always one that made you walk away feeling important and special. One time I was in waiting for my car to finish being serviced and I was cold. He noticed, brought me a dealer sweatshirt and when my car was ready I went to return it and was told that it was for me and on the house.

I knew he was about my age as we always chatted and joked about things that were common to us as kids, teenagers and adults and we seemed to be able to relate to each other well. He was 52. I learned this because I was told his age when I was also told that he called in saying he was not feeling well and would not be in – he died that day from a heart attack. He is survived by two daughters and a wife.

I know he knew what I do, but he only said that one day he should really sit down with me. Unfortunately that day has come and passed.

I decided to write this entry in the hope that it causes someone to act as opposed to continue to procrastinate. We all put things off until tomorrow as that is a normal human trait, but some things are items we should not put off and should do them immediately.

Whether you are an existing client who has been meaning to bug me, a prospective client who has been meaning to bug me, a friend who would never work with a friend, a connection who has never thought to bug me, or whatever – please contact me or your own advisor or find an advisor – and get your house in order today.